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Vector quiz

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One of the options is more related to pixels and raster graphics (instead of vector graphics) - which one?

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Raster vs. vector graphics! Only one statement refers to vector data, which one?

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Let's think about 2D CAD drafting. Which one of the statements is false?

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Your aim is to create a section using geometric primitives, such as points, lines, curves, surfaces, shapes. There are several software options, but which one on the list is not so good for these purposes?

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Your plan is to illustrate a landscape (valleys, hills, and slopes) with 3D CAD modeling software. Which can be a good option to consider?

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Which is the most suitable statement related to the picture?

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Which one of the following vector graphics doesn't usually contain 3D information?

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Think about 3D modeling. Which statement is false or unwise if you utilize boolean operations with the shapes?

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Which is not proper advice if you aim at creating a 3D model, in this case, a bowl in the picture?

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Which statement doesn't have a clear connection to the picture of a terrain?

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Last Updated on 6.8.2021
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