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Raster quiz

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Why the water appears stationary on the left picture?

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You wish to take a nice picture of a pretty cat. How do you adjust the camera settings so that the cat would look sharp and the background blurry?

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What does ISO mean?

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Your goal is to take a picture of a bridge. The weather is sunny - no clouds in sight. What is the ISO recommendation?

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Let's assume that you have already made an architectural model, but now you wish to add realistic background to it (to make the customer really happy). Digital photography -section taught basic tricks on how to shoot a good photo, but now our aim is to create a photo collage.

What tool you do not need to reach the same kind of photo collage result as in the picture?


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You wish to add lights and shadows to an indoor space. What claim is false (or at least bad advice)?

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You wish to correct perspective, adjust colors and add plants to a street view. Which software would be the most suitable one of the given options?

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You aim at adding a shadow for a tree. Which statement is false?

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Which statement related to color profiles is false?

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You are going to edit the picture. What is challenging to do with software that handles raster data?

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Last Updated on 6.8.2021
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