Digital Design Workflows Structure


Demonstrate how different data types, software, analogue equivalents and script languages are connected.

You will use different software for different purposes. For example, you utilize ArchiCAD and Revit mainly for architectural drawing, modeling and planning.

Understanding the structure helps to comprehend the other chapters in Digital Design Workflows - so be sure you use some time to internalize the information it contains.


Workflows Structure

Data type Raster Vector Hybrid
Software Photoshop Autocad, Rhino, Illustrator Indesing, V-Ray Archicad, Revit
Usage Image and photo manipulation 2D drawing, 3D modeling layout, visualisation architectural drawing, modelling and planning
Analog equivalent photography drawing, modeling /sculpting collage, painting architectural design
Script language AppleScript, JavaScript, VBScript Lisp, Python, C#, Grasshopper, AppleScript, JavaScript, VBScript MaxScript, C++ Dynamo, GDL scripting, C++
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