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Is Vigora Recommended For Men With A History Of Prostate Surgery?


Vigora is a brand of sildenafil, that's a medicine typically used to deal with erectile disorder (ed). Whether or not Vigora or another ed medication is usually recommended for men with a records of prostate surgery depends at the character's unique circumstances and the form of prostate surgical operation they underwent.

Prostate surgery can include strategies like an intensive prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland), transurethral resection of the prostate (turp), or other interventions to cope with situations like prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph). Right here are a few key issues:


Talk over with a urologist

if you have a history of prostate surgery and are experiencing ed, it is essential to seek advice from a urologist or healthcare issuer who is familiar together with your medical records and can offer customized steerage.

Kind of surgery

the type of prostate surgical treatment you underwent can appreciably have an impact on the decision to apply ed medicines like Vigora. A few styles of surgery, mainly radical prostatectomy, can cause nerve harm or different elements that make it hard to obtain and hold an erection.


the timing of the surgical operation and restoration is important. In a few instances, it is able to take time for nerve feature to get better, and ed may enhance certainly over the years.

Remedy interplay

men who've had prostate surgical procedure may also be taking medicinal drugs for his or her publish-surgical procedure care or management of any underlying prostate conditions. It's crucial to talk about capacity interactions among those medications and Vigora with your healthcare issuer.

Opportunity remedies

if Vigora isn't appropriate or effective, there are different remedy alternatives for ed, together with other oral medicinal drugs, vacuum erection gadgets, penile injections, or surgical interventions which include penile implants. Your healthcare issuer can discuss these options with you.

Mental guide

it's crucial to recognize that ed after prostate surgical operation will have each bodily and psychological components. Psychological guide and counseling can be treasured in addressing any anxiety, depression, or relationship worries related to ed.

In precis, whether or not Vigora or any ed remedy is recommended for guys with a records of prostate surgical treatment is an individualized selection. Consulting with a healthcare provider, preferably a urologist, who is informed approximately your medical records is critical. They are able to check your particular situation and offer hints primarily based in your particular desires and instances.

Last Updated on 4.8.2021