Introduction to 3D CAD Modeling


Show a simplified process of creating a 3D model with basic shapes.

Creating a 3D model with basic shapes

A simple way to create a 3D model is by using basic shapes like boxes, balls & cylinders. Modeled geometry can then be edited using boolean operations which can combine, subtract and intersect object volumes.

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Geometry can be created using lines, ars and curves. One can extrude a planar curve into a 3D object or revolve the curve around a revolve axis. Surprisingly many everyday objects can be modelled using these basic tools. It is because a multitude of manufacturing methods are suitable for these shapes.

Surfaces can be created using curves. One can create a surface between two or more profile curves (loft) or utilize the edge curves. Also, very complex shapes can be created this way.

Sharp edges can be softened using fillet or chamfer tools.  Surface edges can be matched so that there is a smooth transition between the individual surfaces.

Even using basic CAD tools, quite complex 3D objects can be created.

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